Sunday, 27 July 2008

Packing it all in

Packing is one thing I'm really good at. I've moved house several times, across countries, and once haf way around the globe.

Packing for a weekend is cool too. I get it all to fit into an itsy bitsy bag. It makes people go "wow...".

But packing for a month? What's that about? You need all your stuff but you can't take the kitchen sink. So the world's best packer feels that she's met her challenge.

I've done everything else though today. I get really productive when I'm procrastinating on one particular thing. But I'm going to pack it all in and then I'll be good and ready for the great Edinburgh Festival Fringe adventure.

I wonder what people have packed in their bags this summer that they'd be ashamed to tell their Mum about?
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