Thursday, 31 July 2008

Too much condensation - is that a good thing?

It's morning on day 5 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! And it's raining. Proper rain. Not like what we get in London.

It's going to be a damp day. Down to the very bottom. Damp damp.

Why is it that damp has bad connotations whereas moist sounds more appealing? Moist lips, moist skin, moist hamburger. Oooo, I could sink my teeth into one of these right now.

I'm on a diet. No, not to lose weight (that's not allowed)! but to keep my voice nice and strong through the 24 performances (now 23). So here goes: no soft drinks or fizzy water, no mint, no chocolate, no coffee or tea, no chewing gum, no booze, no dairy. So there's really no point walking into a Starbucks...

Thing is, all the things above are the things I usually have to keep away from food. So it's a double whammy: can't eat too much (my show contains nudity) and can't eat the stuff I normally eat to keep off the stuff I want. Are you still with me?

So it's raining and I can't chew gum or have a big piece of gooey chocolate cake.

Question for the day: who's having or planning to indulge in some deliciously moist chocolate cake today? And who would you share it with? Anybody?

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