Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Sweat and food

Posted Date: Jul 29 - 4:39 PM

After a good sweaty session at the gym I'm ready to take on the day. Whatever the Universe wants me to explore and find out about. I'm going to pick my way through Edinburgh from my digs to the Fringe Office without stepping into the many little bakeries that line the streets. Very tempting, but not good places for me to go.

Croissant, cup cakes, cloutie dumplings!! Some people compare chocolate to sex. For me, food is more like porn than sex. It's always full of promise but never quite delivers.

And with food, there's no rewind to go back to the best bits over and over again!

I wonder who's watching porn this morning, and who's having a pain au chocolat with their first coffee of the day...

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