Saturday, 26 July 2008

When bubble wrap becomes a fetish

Wrap the bubble wrap around every surface, emphasize the lines with shiny tape, dress it in shiny black pvc, bind it with more shiny tape. Ooooh..... and then add a white label with black writing. Perfect

All packed and ready to go. Well, my set and costume are. They're leaving in a van with some super nice people who will drive it all up to Edinburgh for me. They're called Weaver Hughes Ensemble and they're taking up 3 shows to Edinburgh: Army of Reason, Six wives of Timothy Leary, and Pebbles on the Beach. Check'em out

Next time I see them will be right before my tech at 7am. Pretty scary. But exciting too. Which is what bondage and fetishism are all about.

I wonder who's having a little bondage session this morning...

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