Saturday, 2 August 2008

It's raining men

Day 3 of the Festival: 2 shows down, 22 to go!

The rain's been threatening but so far no sign of a wash out! Hope I'm not speaking too soon. Touch wood.

Speaking of which, there are quiet a few men at the festival. And I've got the best (unintentional) chat up line "half way through the show I do a tribute to the great Josephine Baker wearing a belt of bananas and very little else..." I'm not trying to lure them into bed, just to my show. Which is probably far more intimate. And at least they'd know my name.

So the question for today: how many people flirted (with intent) with someone they shouldn't have last night? And how many converted that flirting into something more... meaty

Confess your sin on the Blog Confessional! Your conscience will come out of it clean as a whistle. Promise!

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