Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Beware of bunnies!

6 shows done, 18 to go: QUARTER OF THE WAY THROUGH!!

In my experience, it's never the big things that fuck you up. The big crises, the times when you need to pull together all your inner resources and gird your loins: bereavement, serious accidents, redundancies, divorce... dealing with that seems to be instinctive. Everyone does it.We all manage. It's a tribute to Nature and Evolution, and the Human Spirit.

It's the bunnies that get you.

Bunnies are (when they are not floppy eared with fluffy tails) the little fuck-ups of life. The below the radar stuff and the wars of attrition.You know? Someone doesn't return your smile in the street, someone ate your last soya yoghurt and didn't tell you, you saying the wrong thing by mistake. Those are the bunnies that will get you without you realising it. And drag you down. Down down down....

I believe the Playboy Bunny is making a comeback. I think it's sweet and probably very safe. A little too safe for me. A little too domestic. Give me a beautiful Russian girl in a PVC leopard print gimpsuit and I'm your girl!

It's raining today so hopefully the bunnies will stay safe in their burrows.Where they belong.

And the beautiful Russian girls will come and see my show and start a fan club.... and have "Tea with Isabelle" everyday. Russian girls and cup cakes. With pink icing. And a beautifully crafted silver Samovar. Ooooooooh....

Question for today: Cup cakes or Russian Girls? (or the choice for the deliciously wicked: BOTH!)

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