Monday, 11 August 2008

I'm polymorphously perverse

Today will be show number 12! The half way point.

Polymorphously perverse - as far as I remember - is one of the first Freudian stages of human development in terms of focus/pleasure centres. This stage comes first, in babies, before they move on to the anal, oral stages and genital stages. Then they grow up and become normal well adjusted people. Unless they get stuck and then become artists or worse!

I'm stuck on the polymorphously perverse level. Which means that there aren't many parts of the body I don't find either pleasurable or really fascinating. It sounds like quite a neat trick but it's rather exhausting. (Even if you leave out the sex).

Back to the Fringe. Today is the first performance after my little one day hiatus (spread over two days... see yesterday's blog) so not sure what to expect. Will I still be on a roll? Or will I have to build up the energy all over again? Best not to worry about it. I'm leaving it in the hands of the Greater Universe.

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