Thursday, 14 August 2008

Hey I know you!

14 shows done, 10 to go!

Flyering has its many pitfalls. Sometimes you end up trying to flyer people twice in a day (or over a few days). Sometimes you try and sell your show to people who've been to see it already! And sometimes you end up flyering people you know, or people with one degree of separation from the people you know.

This has been happening to me quite a bit at the Festival. I've met people who still work for one of the advertising agencies I worked with. Or whose kids have gone to the same schools as me. I even had someone in to see the show who was actually in my year at Yale University and who recognised me on stage - and then contacted me on Facebook!

And yesterday I met one of my old colleagues who'd just come up to the Festival the night before with his charming wife. That was a bit of a shock (for him). Last time we spoke, I was auditioning for drama schools! I didn't have the heart to tell them about the banana dance. Is that wrong?

I hope they come and see the show. All of them! They can catch up on what I've been up to (plus learn a couple more things about my past along the way) just by being there.

Really looking forward to what the day has in store for me. As always, it's in the hands of the greater Universe.

Have a lovely day everyone - and take good care.

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