Saturday, 9 August 2008

Silence or Giggles?

9 showsdone - 15 to go!

So other than the big news that the Scotsman picked up my "show us your tits" blog and published it yesterday....

I've discovered that I have two types of audiences: gigglers and quiet ones. With the gigglers, it's great. We all know it's a comedy - really - and that it's ok to laugh at some of the darker bits and whenever there's a punch line really! With the quiet ones... the show takes on a different eerie quality. It becomes very Brechtian.

So the play changes and evolves depending on the audience. It's emotionally irridescent. I like it best cherry pink but if you want to indulge in silvers and ebony black... be my guest

Have to dash off and warm up now. See you all at the Underbelly at noon!

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