Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Review in Three Weeks for Something in the Fridge!!!

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2008
Three Weeks Review Aug 6, 2007
Show: There's Something In The Fridge That Wants To Kill Me
Company: Dinner For One

This isn't really a one-woman show, because Isabelle Gregson wrestles onstage with multiple personalities. Initially this was irksome, as she began by frantically overacting each persona. However, she soon found her stride, telling the story of a young woman's struggle with self-image, from a childhood of over-eating and over-demanding parents, to her constant battle with weight as an adult. This well-written monologue has a light and comic touch, while conveying an inner conflict that's easy to empathise with. Gregson is a supremely confident performer, switching roles and costumes with ease (even pulling off a topless dance in a banana skirt), but she really shines in the production's darker moments. An entertaining take on a serious theme.

Underbelly, 31 Jul - 24 Aug (not 11 Aug), 12.00pm (12.50pm), prices vary, fpp 236

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