Saturday, 2 August 2008

The voice of reason

3 shows done, 21 to go!

The things is, when you perform a 50 minute one woman show with songs, you really need to look after your voice. I went into the depressing details of the voice diet in yesterday's entry... but there's more to it than that. Even too much talking can strain your voice.

So I've got to talk less, which is like asking me not to breathe!

What did I get up to yesterday? I left it really late to have my lunch (and after my show, I'm ravenous) so I almost bit off the head of the poor guy at Cafe Nero off of Chambers St who was taking a bit too long with my sarnie... and asking me if I wanted it toasted (it was a panini). I said "NO I'LL HAVE IT LIKE THAT" (had 5 minutes to spare before the next show I was off to see). And I said in a tone that did not invite argument or even suggestions. He looked a bit bewildered. Sorry!

Question for today: I wonder how many people yelled or shouted out at someone yesterday (if it was during sex it doesn't count)?

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