Monday, 11 August 2008

Straddling a day off

11 shows done, 12 to go!

Nearing the half-way point. Today is my day off. Not quite: today I don't have a performance... which means I had yesterday off from flyering, and this morning off from preparing for the show and flyering. But back on flyering duty this afternoon.

Are you still with me? My day off has straddled 2 days - so it's not a day off at all. It's more of a "haaaaaaaaaaa... welcome the hiatus."

Though I think climbing Arthur's Seat will have to wait until the 26th!

The Scotsman honored me with a "must see at noon" mention in the Festival Magazine. They even had a picture of me!!! I'm very chuffed about that. Some people recognise me on the streets. It makes me grin from ear to ear on the inside.

Question for today: who had a really late and hairy night because today is their day off? And what did you get up to? The confessional is open and ready for business

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