Saturday, 23 August 2008

Just hit me baby one more time...

23 shows done and 1 to go.

And so it comes to this. Inevitable I guess but a month ago it seems like the Festival would go on for ever!
Had a lady come up to me after the show today. Very emotional, very moved. She lives in London. I think I may have made a new friend.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has shown support and come to see the show in preview in London or during the run here in Edinburgh. And some of you have even come to see it twice.

You know who you are, you lovely generous souls. And I know who you are too. I also know who didn't come, and it's been duly noted.

So this is the night before the last performance. Well, the last performance at the Ed Fringe 08, at any rate.

How do I feel? Bittersweet, tired, excited, sad, lonely, glad to have the 2 sofas to myself so I can sprawl around in my underwear, and fart to my heart's content. But mostly very grateful for the journey.

Notes from the Fridge will wind up when I leave Edinburgh on Wednesday. But I will replace it with a new daily blog. Which I haven't named yet. I had 3 blogs published in the media during my time here, so I think I'll definitely keep up with this modern form of diary writing. Like sex and the city but without underwear in the sex scenes.

Good night, sleep tight (what ever you're wearing or not wearing as the case may be.)

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