Saturday, 16 August 2008

Giving Tongue

16 shows done and 8 to go!

Two thirds of the way through.

I must refrain from wishing the last week away. Of course I'm feeling a bit tired (really exhausted) and it'll be nice to head home and do nothing for a few days. Especially no flyering!! But I know that I will soon miss performing this show.

So unlike my usual style, I'm trying to savour what's yet to come rather than enjoy it in hindsight which is always bittersweet.

I've been running into some interesting people: an ex-colleague from my advertising days, ex-classmates of mine from Drama School (especially those whose shows I've been to see but who - inexplicably - won't return the favour. You know who you are!!), people who've seen the show and who say really nice things, relatives of Josephine Baker, and The Hamiltons!!! Now, unlike some of my ex-classmates, the Hamiltons really wanted to come and check out my show but can't because we clash timewise.

I thought they were really nice and warm people. Like all people who've had trauma in their lives they've shed pretense and self-defensive B.S. and work on a more intense level. I really liked them. As much as you can after chatting with someone for 10 minutes. I hope we meet up again.

One of the unexpected bonuses of the Festival (and of flyering) is the people you end up talking to. I've discovered some wonderful things! So I'm going to have to take back the bit about being glad when my flyering duties stop. I've got to enjoy that bit just as much because I'll miss it - oh yes! - I'll miss it come next Sunday.

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