Monday, 4 August 2008

Reverse perving

5 shows done, 19 to go!

"hi, can I tell you about my show?" That's my opening gambit. Then I thrust out my chest (I'm wearing a t-shirt with the name of the show and the cute banana girl that Oscar Grillo drew for me) and I tell them "It's called There's Something in the Fridge that Wants to Kill Me!" And there they are all staring intently at my chest as they read the words on the t-shirt. I really enjoy it. It's like reverse perving.

Actually I think it's called exhibitionism. Isn't it?

I'd never throught of myself as a human billboard, but this year, at the Fringe Festival, I am! One step away from walking around naked, with full body paint advertising the show. (You have to leave the soles of the feet paint free though, otherwise you die. Like that girl in GoldFinger.) Maybe next year...

Actually, I haven't seen that many naked people about.

Seinfeld dedicated a whole episode to nudity. He argued that nudity was great as a still, but in movement could result in some really ugly poses (he had a girlfriend who cleaned the house in the nude. At first he though he was the luckiest man alive but then he found he really didn't like the squatting.) I would tend to agree. That's why nudist beaches are not arousing places (except for young teenage boys). Dance is the exception. That's why lapdancing clubs can be arousing places (for all sexes and ages).

Question for today: I wonder how many people have taken their clothes off in public this past week? (orgies included)

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