Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Our friend here is a therapist...

This blog entry appeared in What's On Stage (Edinburgh)

We had another good show yesterday, buoyed by some lovely reviews. It's really nice when people appreciate the work you've put into a performance: whether they're theatre goers, just visiting the festival, or professional journalists. Actually, it's really nice when people are just nice to each other. Isn't it? ..

Now that I've got that off my chest... (which is still spectacular - come and check it out at the show - it's on display!)

…at lunchtime yesterday we went to this lovely vegetarian restaurant and ran into a party of 5 or 6 who'd just been to see the show. They asked me all sorts of questions and said some really sweet things: "Did all the stuff in the play really happen to you?" (Yes) "You poor little thing! Hope your mother now appreciates how talented you are?" (She does. She's very proud. She hasn't seen the show but I sent her some photos. Although like all mums, she probably wishes I'd stuck with the global planning director job.) "You have yourself and nice lunch... and eat whatever you want!" (I was planning on lentil soup and hummus - which is what I wanted and what I always have at that place.)

By the way, that place has some lovely puddings. Never mind about the puddings – we're on a voice diet. Oy! I'm the one writing this blog, get out of my head

Then, with a bit of a flourish, they introduced me to this lady in their party: "Our friend here is a therapist…" She squeezed my hand warmly but shook her head as she peered into my eyes, looking as though she might be just a little too concerned about me. Then in a soft gentle voice: "What difficult things you have been through…" I almost felt myself look round for a couch to lie on – or the straightjacket! - but through her professional curiosity and concern shone a deep humanity. I bet she's a really good therapist!

The thing is, I've had therapy and I'm much better now. No, really! My being here in Edinburgh at the Fringe with my debut one woman show is a celebration: proof that if you can find a way of disarming your personal demons, you can free yourself and achieve things you never dreamt of. That's why the show is a comedy. It's got some dark bits but you can laugh at the jokes! Actually, please laugh at the jokes: I can't tell you how rewarding it to hear you all giggle and titter or even laugh out loud when I'm up there in my belt of bananas!

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